I firmly believe that Susan’s intense one-on-one sessions with Taylor and her ability to target those specific areas that required additional instruction were the keys to Taylor’s success on both the ACT and SAT. Of the four schools Taylor applied to, she was accepted by each. We are forever grateful.

Greg and Kim Tendrich

Parents of Taylor, Boca High School, Boca Raton, FL

My daughter showed great improvement on her SAT/ACT scores after studying with Susan Moldow. Susan’s comprehensive instruction in reading and math completely prepared her to take these exams with confidence and success.

Mara Shapiro

Parent of Jenna, Spanish River High School, Boca Raton, FL

My son showed great improvement on his SSAT scores after studying with Susan Moldow. Susan’s comprehensive instruction on reading and math completely prepared him to take this exam with confidence and success.


Parent of Charlie, Canterbury School, New Milford, Connecticut

Susan Moldow was an answer to our prayers. Susan’s flexibility and preparedness served our daughter well. She provided effective strategies and taught time management skills as well as motivational goals that were realistic to implement. As a result, our daughter scored incredibly well on her SSAT test. She was accepted with ease into her first choice school.

Heather C

Mom to Hayden, Pine Crest School, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Mrs. Moldow gave me the inspiration, knowledge, confidence, and tools to succeed on the SAT and ACT.

Viktor M.

Former student of Susan's who is now attending the University of Chicago

The techniques given for the Reading Comprehension section were extremely useful to increase my accuracy and timing. The class was engaging and there was a good balance between teacher-student involvement.


Student, International School of Geneva

Susan Moldow is not only an extremely competent teacher, she is also a highly organised and dedicated individual who successfully organised a team of educators for our daughter whilst in Boca Raton. Without Susan’s strong work ethic, experience and energy our daughter would have needed to return to the U.K. to complete her studies. My wife and I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Susan.

Paul Feeney

Executive Director, BNYMellon, London, England

Susan is great. She is very easy to work with and really helped with high school reading assignments. I would highly recommend her. (August 2017)

Evan A.

Parent of rising 9th grader, Atlantic High School IB program

Susan was geared toward improving my daughter’s SAT scores AND her test taking strategies! Susan was always professional and very accommodating. We have already recommended her to other students at my daughter’s school! (June 2017)

Jennifer B.

Parent of 11th grade SAT Student, Pompano Beach High School

Susan was very helpful. She met all our deadlines, had a genuine interest in learning about my job search endeavors and did a great job constructing a new resume in a very timely manner. I would recommend her to anyone needing help with developing a new resume or updating an existing one. (March 2017)

Bill F.

Resume Editing client

Clear! Visionary! Great! Susan really captured my skills and experience, she created an amazing resume that even blew me out the water. She really coached me in different ways in targeting your resume with the position type. Without her, I would still be terrified and clueless when creating resumes. (February 2017)

Karina A.

Resume Editing client

Susan Moldow worked with my daughter as a tutor and mentor for the ACT/SAT prep. The experience was more than we could have ever hoped for. Susan did a full evaluation to see where my daughter needed more help, she counseled her on what her ultimate goals were and what she hoped to accomplish on the “college application/acceptance” journey. Throughout the process Susan did an amazing job of giving my daughter feedback and communicating with us (my husband and I). All of this was done is a respectful, compassionate and fun atmosphere. This was truly amazing, since the stress level experienced during this process is so intense. One thing is certain, the student must put in the time and be dedicated to whatever their ultimate goal may be. In the end my daughter went from a 25 ACT score her first time taking it to a 32 after working with Susan. Susan played a huge role in the success my daughter experienced!

Christine S

Parent to Sofia -- Jr. at St. Andrews School, Boca, FL-- Now attending Wake Forest University

Mrs. Moldow has been an excellent College test prep tutor and resource for both my sons with excellent results ! Takes time to communicate and highly recommend!

Bettina N.

Parent to Harrison and Alex, Saint Andrews School of Boca Raton, FL

Susan’s expertise, support, and motivation guided me through the complexities of the GRE and helped me to succeed. She taught me how to best approach each question with techniques that would manage my test time wisely and ensure the correct answer. Susan helped me improve my skills and confidence which exponentially improved my scores. Thanks to Susan I was able to go to my dream graduate school, NYU!

Jenna S

GRE Student

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