International Tutoring

Many families living outside the United States want to find reliable, effective test preparation for their children who hope to attend American universities. Susan Moldow Educational Consulting is unique.

We offer the following options:

  • Customized, private tutoring at your school or home via FaceTime or Skype for one to two hour sessions anywhere in the world.
  • Remote tutoring daily or weekly for one to two hour sessions via FaceTime or Skype (FaceTime or Skype sessions provide the same level of teaching and strategy students receive in an in-person meeting or class, with the added benefits of personalized instruction.)
  • Intensive boot camp programs for individual or small groups remotely or at your school or home internationally.

Boot camp programs can be customized and designed to become two, three or four days of classes with two, four or six hours of instruction.

During sessions with students, a focus can be on any of the subject areas of the SAT or ACT including Writing/English, Math, Reading or Science (ACT only).  Strategy and “short-cuts” are taught through timed practice problems, daily homework in any or all areas of the tests, and mock full length tests. 

Homework assignments and meetings are efficient. They are structured to reinforce concepts and skills at progressive levels of difficulty; assignments can be tailored to each day of the week, and according to your child’s time, strengths, and challenges. 

A personalized test preparation plan is created for each student. Susan believes that her responsiveness to her student’s individual personalities and needs helps her students to maximize their score results.  

Susan is proud to have worked with students from all over the United States and internationally, in places such as Canada, the UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, France, London, Portugal, Hong Kong, China, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Russia, and Singapore.

By preparing students for both the SAT and ACT exams, your child’s chances of achieving test scores needed for admission into the American university of his or her choice are doubled.

Susan can also provide referrals to highly respected Independent Educational Consultants who specialize in helping international students gain admission to top American universities.

Please contact Susan today to discuss your child’s unique test preparation needs, strengths and challenges. This is a very important, life changing time in your child’s life.  At Susan Moldow Educational Consulting, we hope to be a team with your child and your family throughout the test preparation and test taking process.

Interested in international tutoring?