Resume Writing

Do you need a resume writer?

Wait.  Don’t answer this question just yet. First think about this: What do many people do who are in your situation?

For most people, the resume writing process is confusing. They try following an online template, but end up with a resume that doesn’t have impact, capture their unique essence, or position them as ready for their next career move. 

People hire Susan so they can create a resume that is dynamic, powerful, and strategic.  Engaging word choices, professional and appropriate format, and use of industry terminology are a few of the key ingredients Susan puts into every one of a kind resume.

But why is a resume so important?

Your resume is your most important marketing tool for any job search. It can become the foundation from which you can build your social media platform. It brands you. It makes you visible to recruiters. It opens doors to new opportunities. This is your chance to shine and to be proud of how and when you “do your thing.” 

A widely known summary of the resume universe goes like this: “If it works, you work; if it doesn’t work, you don’t work.”

A resume is an investment in yourself – and you are a unique commodity. A resume is one of the most financially important documents in your life.

It takes time and professionalism to know how to best to package the professional you, then more time to write, edit, edit again with your input, then layout and polish the final document. Resume writing is a process leading to creating a marketing tool that is critical to your job search. 

How can a resume writer like Susan understand you and the nature of your career path in the context of a only a one page resume?

  Let’s explore what Susan would do when working with you before the resume writing process starts.

  • Susan schedules one or more in-depth consultations.  This interview is conducted by phone, Skype, or messages. She will want to identify the key skills and achievements that are relevant to the specific job in the specified industry that you are seeking.  You will work as a team, and set a deadline as well as a budget of time and cost for your resume.
  • Then, with an objective, professional point of view, Susan will craft a unique, empowering resume that’s suitable for the ad, job or career that you want to pursue. 
  • Susan will work to understand your strengths and abilities in an objective, professional, and experienced manner.  This will be how you and Susan will create a resume that highlights how you are a great fit for the job or career opportunity in which you are interested.


  • Resume WritingSusan will write and format your resume for optimal appearance and content.  With your helping to provide details, Susan will anticipate what your future employer will want to read and design a resume accordingly.
  • CV Writing: If you are seeking a position in academia, a grant, or a proposal – use our CV writing services.  Susan will create a specific description of your academic credentials and accomplishments.
  • Linkedin Profile Writing: Increasingly, hiring managers and recruiters are turning to LinkedIn to find new employees. A thorough profile will significantly increase your chances of a job finding you through this popular site.
  • Resume Editing: Are you satisfied with the content of your resume, and just want it more readable, or perhaps better formatted?  Susan can help you polish your resume.
  • CV Editing: Most documents, including a well-written CV, can benefit from an edit. Susan can edit the format and description of your credentials to make them superior to your competitors.
  • Cover Letter Writing: Susan has 15+ years of experience writing resumes and dynamic/strategic cover letters.  Letters use your information and experiences to target the specific job you are seeking.  The right language and professional format will help to convince your future employer that you are the best fit for the job.

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